It’s an honor to meet. 很荣幸认识你。
Nice to meet you . 很高兴认识你。
How do I address you? 如何称呼您?
May I have your business card please?
How do I pronounce your name? 你的名字怎么读?
Let me introduce you to Mrs. Qiu Sales Supervisor of our company.
It’s going to be the pride of our company. 这将是本公司的荣幸。
Excuse me for interrupting you. 请原谅我打扰你。
I’m sorry to disturb you. 对不起打扰你一下。
Excuse me a moment. 对不起,失陪一下。
Excuse me. I’ll be right back. 对不起,我马上回来。
I would like to ask you a favor.我可以提出一个要求吗?
Would you let me know your fax number?可以告诉我您的传真机号码吗?
I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?我没听清楚你们的问题,你能重复一次吗?


What line of business are you in? 你做哪一行?
No wonder you’re so experienced.怪不得你这么有经验。
I’d like to recommend our new FPV fly camera board.我们想推荐我们新的fpv航拍摄像板。
This is our most recently developed product.这是我们最近开发的产品。
(That sounds like the product we had in mind.那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。)
I’m sure you’ll be pleased with this product.我敢保证你会喜欢这种产品的。
I’m really positive that this product has all the features you want.我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。
I strongly recommend this product.我强力推荐这种产品。
If I were you, I’d choose this product.如果我是你,我就选择这种产品。
We’ve already had a big demand for this product.这种产品我们已有很大的需要求量。
This product is doing very well in foreign countries.这种产品在国外很畅销。
They’ve met with great favor home and abroad.这些产品在国内外很受欢迎。
Our product is competitive in the international market.我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力。
Let’s move on to what makes our product sell so well.让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好。
Let me tell you about our product.关于产品一事让我向你说明。
Good. That’s just what we want to hear.很好,那正是我们想要听的。
Our product is lower priced than the competition.我们产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。
Our service, so far, has been very well-received by our customers .到目前为止,顾客对我们的服务质量评价甚高。
One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.这种产品的真正优点之一就是高质量和小体积。
Certainly. And we also have test results that we’re sure you’d be interested to read.当然,同时我们也有测试结果,我们相信你们会有兴趣看的。
If you are interested, I will prepare a list of them.如果您感兴趣的话,我可以列表让你参考。
We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available. 很遗憾,你们所询货物目前无货。
I don’t think you’ll have any difficulty in pushing sales.我认为你推销时不会有任何困难。
How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?
This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in. 这是价格表,但只供参考。是否有你特别感兴趣的商品?
Do you have specific request for packing? Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look. 你们对包装有什么特别要求吗?这是我们目前用的包装样品,你可以看下。
I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. I’m sure the prices we submitted are competitive.不知道您认为我们的规格是否符合你的要求?我敢肯定我们的价格是非常有竞争力的。


Our company has been a OEM&ODM factory for video camera in shenzhen since 2006.
Our raw materials all meets RoHS standards.
We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.我们认为质量是一个企业的灵魂。
Therefore,we always put quality as the first consideration.因而,我们总是把质量放在第一位来考虑。
Quality is even more important than quantity.质量比数量更为重要。
All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.所有产品出厂前必须要经过严格检查。
No one can match us so far as quality is concerned.就质量而言,没有任何厂家能和我们相比。


Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us what quantity you require so that we can work out the offer? 谢谢你询价。为了便于我方提出报价,能否请你谈谈你方需求数量?
To a certain extent,our price depends on how large your order is.在某种程度上,我们的价格就得看你们的定单有多大。
In general, our prices are given on a FOB basis. 通常我们的报价都是FOB价
Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you’ll choose? 能否告知你们将采用那种付款方式?
Our business has become more and more difficult since the competition grew.随着竞争的加剧,贸易越来越难做了。
But the market prices are changing frequently.但是市场价格随时都在变化。
I can assure you the prices we offer you are very favorable.我敢保证我们向你提供的价位是合理的。
My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。
Moreover, we’ve kept the price close to the costs of production.再说,这已经把价格压到生产费用的边缘了。
While we appreciate your cooperation, we regret to say that we can’t reduce our price any further.虽然我们感谢贵方的合作,但是很抱慊,我们不能再减价了。
They are still lower than the quotations you can get elsewhere.这些报价比其他任何地方都要低得多。
I can show you other quotations that are lower than yours.我可以把比贵公司报价低得多的价目表给你看看。
When you compare the prices,you must take everything into consideration.当你在考虑对比价格时,首先必须把一切都要考虑进去。


Welcome to our factory.欢迎到我们工厂来。
You’ll know our products better after visit our factory.参观工厂后您会对我们的产品有更深的了解。
We would be glad to start business with you.我们很高兴能与贵公司建立贸易往来。
Your desire coincides with ours.我们双方的愿望都是一致的。
Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?你认为合同有问题吗?
I still have some questions concerning our contract.就合同方面我还有些问题要问。
We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.我们总是愿意合作的,如果需要还可以做些让步。
If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make.对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气。
We’d like you to consider our request once again.我们希望贵方再次考虑我们的要求。
It’s up to you to decide.这主要取决于你。
Keep in touch. 保持联系。
Thank you for coming. 谢谢你的光临。 Don’t mention it. 别客气。

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