Unit 11 Acceptance 接受

Basic Expressions

1. Our price is quite reasonable and other buyers in your market have accepted it.

2. Please accept our offer and confirm the above-mentioned terms immediately.

3. Owing to heavy commitments, we can not accept fresh business at present.

4. Taking the quality into consideration, we accept your offer.

5. We are pleased to have transacted our first act of business with your firm.

6. We have succeeded in putting through the deal of five hundred bicycles.

7. We have faxed our confirmation of your order and you are requested to open the L/C as soon as possible.

8. We strongly recommend acceptance as our stocks are running low.

9. With an eye to future business we’ll accept payment by D/P this time.

10. We are sorry that we cannot accept your counteroffer, as the price quoted by us is quite realistic.

11. The price you quoted being found workable, we have faxed you our acceptance.

12. We accept your offer provided that shipment is made in November.

13. Although the prevailing quotations are somewhat higher, we will accept the order on the same terms as be fore with the view of encouraging business.
尽管目前报价偏高,但为了促进今后业务的开展,我们仍将按过去 条件接受你方订单。


Dialogue 1

B: Mrs. Wang, would you give us an idea of the price you regard as workable?
W: As I said before, your price is so high that we find it difficult to make a bid. We hope you will take the initiative and bridge the gap.
B: Just to comply, we’re ready to reduce the price by 5 percent. I hope this concession of ours will get the ball rolling.
W: So do we. Certainly it’s a step forward on your side. But the gap is still too wide.
B: The ball is in your court, Mrs.Wang. What price would you suggest?
W: To make your offer workable, I think you should take another step down as big as the one you’ve just taken.
B: That won’t do. You see, our profit margin is very narrow. It simply can’t stand such a big cut.
W: I hate to disappoint you, Mr. Brown, but if that’s the case, we have no alternative but to cover our requirements elsewhere. Do think it over, please. We sincerely hope our discussion will come to a suc cess ful conclusion.
B: Well, I’m not authorized to agree to such a big reduction. Would you mind waiting a day or two, until I get a reply from the home office?
W: Not at all. Shall we meet again, say, on Friday morning?
B: Good. Friday morning at 9.
— 王小姐,你认为什么价格可行呢?
— 我讲过, 你方价格太高使我们很难还价,希望你方能主动弥合差距。
— 好吧,依从你们的意见,我们准备削价5%,希望我们这次让步能 打开局面。
— 我们也希望如此。 当然你们方面是前进了一步,但是差距还是很大。
— 王小姐,看你的了。你出个价吧?
— 要使你方报盘可行的话,我认为你应象刚才一样再跨出一步。
— 这不行。你知道,我方利润额很小了,实在经不起这样大幅度的削 价了。
— 布朗先生,我不想使你感到失望,但是如果你方坚持这样的话,我 们没有别的办法,只好从别处购买了。请仔细考虑一下,我们衷心 希望这次谈判能圆满达成。
— 是这样,我无权同意这样大幅度的削价,请你等我一两天,好吗? 我要等国内总公司的答复。
— 当然可以。那我们星期五上午再见面,好不好?
— 好,星期五上午九点。

Dialogue 2

B: Good morning, Mrs.Wang. Any news?
W: Yes. I’ve succeeded in persuading our export manager to agree to a reduction of ten percent. He made this an exception with an eye to future business.
B: Good. We certainly appreciate your making these concessions for us.
W: May I repeat 15 Tunnel Drillers, specifications as shown in the technical data, at 57,000 Swiss Francs each, F.O.B. European Main Ports? Business is closed at this price.
B: Yes, that’s right. Shall we go over the other terms and conditions of the transaction to see if we agree on all the particulars?
W: All right. We have no objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks. As a matter of fact, we always packour machines in new strong wooden cases suit able for long distance ocean transportation.
B: The machines must be well protect ed against dampness, moisture, rust, and be able to stand shock and rough handling.
W: We’ll see to that.
— 王小姐,早上好。有什么消息吗?
— 有,我已经说服我方出口部经理同意降价10%。他考虑到以后的生 意,所以破例降价。
— 太好了,我们非常感激你方做出这些让步。
— 我再重复一下报盘:15台隧道钻机,规格详见技术资料,欧洲主要 港口离岸价每台五万七千瑞士法郎。交易就按此价敲定。
— 没错。我们再检查一下这项交易的其他条款,好吗?看看有没有意 见不一致的地方?
— 好,我们同意关于包装和唛头的条款。其实,我们的机器包装都 采用适合于长途海洋运输的崭新牢固的木箱。
— 机器的包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震,并且经得起粗鲁的搬运。
— 我们会注意的。

B: They are to be shipped not later than Sep tem ber 2001.
W: There’s no question about that.
B: And what about the terms of payment?
W: Payment by L/C, to be opened by the buyer 15 to 20 days prior to the date of delivery. That’s what we’ve agreed upon, isn’t it?
B: Yes, quite so.
W: We’d like to add the condition that the letter of credit shall be valid until the 15th day after shipment. You know, it sometimes takes us a week or so to get all the shipping documents ready for the presentation and negotiation. This will give us more leeway.
B: That can be done. Any questions about the in spec tion and claims?
W: None whatsoever. The quality and per for mance of our machines can stand every possible test. We agree to your conditions.
B: Do you also agree to the condition that all disputes, if unsettled, shall be referred to the For eign Trade Arbitration Commission for the Pro mo tion of In ter na tion al Trade?
W: Certainly, but I’m sure there will be no oc ca sion for arbitration.
— 装船期不能迟于2001年9月。
— 没问题。
— 关于付款方式呢?
— 付款采用信用证,在交货前15到20天期间由买方开出。这些我们 都已同意了,是不是?
— 对,是这样。
— 我们希望加上一条,信用证有效期应至货物装船后第十五日截止。 要把所有装船单据都准备好以便提交银行议付,有时需要一个星期 左右。定上这样一条可以让我们的时间充裕一点。
— 行。关于商检和索赔,有什么问题吗?
— 完全没有问题。我们的机器经得起任何质量和性能方面的测试。我 们同意你方条款。
— 你是否也同意这样一条,解决不了的纠纷,就提交国际贸易促进会 的对外贸易仲裁委员会去仲裁?
— 可以,不过我相信根本不需要仲裁。

B: Well, then, we’ve agreed on all the major points.
W: Yes, Mr. Brown. We’re glad the deal has come off nicely and hope there will be more to come.
B: So long as we keep to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, trade between our two countries will develop further.
W: When can the contract be ready for signature?
B: I’ll have it ready in a couple of days.
W: The earlier the better. I’m leaving next week.
B: How about next Monday afternoon at 5? I’ll have a copy of the contract sent to your hotel in the morning for you to look over.
W: That suits us fine.
— 那好,主要要点我们都一致同意了。
— 是的,布朗先生,我们很高兴圆满达成这项交易,希望以后能达成 更多的交易。
— 只要我们坚持平等互利的原则,我们两国间的贸易一定会有所发展。
— 合同什么时候能准备好签字?
— 我会在几天内准备好的。
— 越早越好,我下星期离开这里。
— 下星期一下午五点怎么样?我上午会把合同送到你宾馆请你过目。
— 太好了。

Dialogue 3

A: Mrs. Miller, you are an old friend of ours. In order to encourage fu ture business and as a gesture of friendship, we are pre pared to cut our price by 5%. Will that satisfy you?
B: That’s great. Thank you for making this concession. I accept.
A: Now I repeat: 5,000 transistor sets, spec i fi ca tions as shown in our catalogue at $ 20 each C.I.F. Los Angeles.
B: Good. Now that the price is decided on, we can discuss the packaging.
A: As to packaging, we’ll pack them two dozens to one carton, gross weight about 25 kilos a carton.
B: Carton?
A: Yes, corrugated cardboard boxes.
B: Could you use wooden cases instead?
A: Why use wooden cases?
B: I’m afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for ocean transportation.
— 米勒女士,你都是我们的老朋友了。为了将来业务进一步发展,也 作为友好的表示,我们准备削价5%,这样做你满意吗?
— 太好了。谢谢你作出这一让步。我接受了。
— 现在我重复一下,五千台半导体收音机,规格根据我方目录所示, 每台20美元洛杉矶到岸价。
— 好,既然价格已定,我们可以讨论一下包装问题。
— 关于包装问题,我们一只纸板箱内装两打,每箱毛重25公斤。
— 是纸板箱吗?
— 是瓦楞形硬纸箱。
— 你们能否改用木箱?
— 为什么用木箱?
— 恐怕纸板箱用于远洋运输不够结实。

A: Cartons are comparatively light, and there fore easy to handle. They’ll not be stowed away with the heavy cargo. Besides, we’ll reinforce the cartons with metal straps.
B: All right. Carton or no carton, the packaging must be waterproof as well as strong enough to stand shock and rough handling.
A: You needn’t worry about that. Cartons are extensively used in our shipments to foreign countries and there have never been complaints from our clients. Now, as regards payment, we have agreed to use dollars, am I right?
B: That’s right. As soon as I get home, I’ll see about the opening of the letter of credit.
A: Please open the letter of credit 15 to 30 days before the date of delivery so that we’ll have enough time to make all the nec es sary arrangements. Another thing, the L/C should be val id until the 15th day after shipment.
B: No problem. That can be done. I understand you’ll ship the goods before the end of May?
— 纸板箱比较轻,便于搬运。纸箱不会和别的笨重货物堆放在一起 的。此外,我们会用铁条加固纸箱的。
— 好,不管是不是纸箱,包装必须防水,而且必须坚固,经得起震动 和粗鲁地搬运。
— 这个你不必担心。我们发往国外的货中广泛使用纸箱,从未听到 过国外客户有什么抱怨。至于付款,我们已同意使用美元,对吗?
— 对,我一回去就着手办理开立信用证。
— 请在交货前15天到30天内开立信用证,以便我方有足够的时间作 好必要的安排。另外,信用证应在装船后15天内保持有效。
— 没问题,可以办到,你们将在5月底前交货吗?

A: Right. We’ll ship the goods according to the agreed time schedule. Last, but not least, the inspection is to be carried out by Hous ton Commodities Inspection Bureau, which is final and binding on both parties.
B: Yes, we agreed to that. We have great confidence in your inspection institution. Through years of dealing with you, we’ve convinced of your commercial integrity.
A: Thank you. You can rest assured that we’ll do ev ery thingpossible to prevent de fec tive commodities from going abroad. However, if there should be any disputes, we wish to have them settled through friendly discussions.
B: Exactly. That’s what we have done in the past.
A: Well, it seems we have covered everything. We’ll have thecon tract ready in a couple of days.
B: Can you speed it up and let me have it today? I’m leaving tomo- rrow. I’ve been here for almost a month now, you see. My corpo- ration is urging me to return. I’ve booked the tick et for to mor row afternoon’s flight at 3: 00.
A: Let me see. If we can’t get the contract ready by then, we’ll send it to you by airmail for your signature.
B: That’s fine too.
— 对,我们将根据规定时间交货。最后一点,但并不是最不重要 的一点是,商检由休斯顿商品检疫局执行。其检疫结果是最后依 据,对双方都有约束力。
— 是的,我们同意了这条。我们对你方商检机构很信任。通过多年的 和你们打交道,我们确信你们的商业信誉可靠。
— 谢谢。你们尽可放心,我们将尽一切可能去防止次品出口;但是万 一有争议的话,我们希望通过友好协商来解决。
— 正是这样,我们过去就是这么做的。
— 好吧,看来我们各方面都谈过了。我们将在几天内把合同准备好。
— 能否加快点,让我今天拿到,行不行?我明天回国,你知道我在这 儿呆了近一个月了。我的公司催我回去,我已经买了明天下午三点 钟的飞机票。
— 让我想想。如果到时合同还没有准备好,我们将航空寄给你签字。
— 也好。

Words and Expressions

bid 出价

tunnel driller 地道钻孔机

technical data 技术资料

shipping marks 唛头

dampness 潮湿,湿气

moisture 水分,湿气

rust 锈

leeway 余地

corrugate 成波状,使起皱

unsettled 未解决的

cardboard 硬纸板

stow away 理舱,把货物堆放好

bind 束缚,约束

Notes1. take the initiative 采取主动,带头

2. bridge the gap
弥合差距,实际是reach an agreement on price

3. get the ball rolling 推动(把这笔交易往前推动),即开始

4. The ball is in your court. 轮到你了。

5. take another step down 再减一次价

6. can’t stand 经不住(受不了)

7. We have no alternative but to…… 我们没有别的办法,只好……

8. come to a successful conclusion 圆满结束

9. make this an exception 就这次破例

10. with an eye to 考虑到

11. presentation and negotiation the seller presents the shipping documents to the negotiating bank to negotiate his draft for the goods shipped.

12. Council for Promotion of International Trade

13. There will be no occasion for arbitration at all.

14. The deal has come off nicely.

15. That suits me fine.

16. carton or no carton

A Specimen Letter

Dear Sirs:
We are glad to know from your letter of May 15th that you have ac-cepted our offer dated May 4th.
In reply, we confirm having sold to you 10,000 metric tons of small red beans on the following terms and conditions:
Price: at U.S. $400 per metric ton C.F.R. Vancouver.
Packaging: in gunny bags of about 50 kilograms net eachQuality: FAQ 2001Shipment: to be effected from New York to Vancouver during Jan u ary 2001.
Payment: by a confirmed and irrevocable letter of cred it in our favor, pay able by draft at sight.
We are pleased to have transacted this first business with you and look forward to the further expansion of trade to our mutual benefit先生:

Substitution Drills1 The gap between your price and mine is still great.
the quantitiesthe prices
你我之间的 价格差异 仍然很大。

will lead to the change of our trade policy in the future.
The execution of the contractThe falling of the priceThe absence of the tariffsThe coming of the financial reforms
合同的执行 将会导致我们未来贸易政策的变化。

价格的下调关税的免除即将到来的财政改革3 We can assure that everything is in order. Thank you for your sincere cooperation.
you they’ll be safethat your goods will be safe and sound
我们可以保证 事情都会有条不紊的。 谢谢您的真诚合作。



4 You mean we should meet each other half way?
choose the minimum?
accept the adjustable price?
你的意思是说我们应该 各让一半吗?

5 Mr. Green, do you think it’s time to sign the contract?
discuss the terms of payment?
start working?
格林先生,你认为是该 签协议了吗?

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