外贸实务口语句型及对话-装运(Shipment )

Unit 14 Shipment 装运

1. How long does it usually take you to make a delivery?

2. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within three months afterreceipt of the covering L/C. 

3. Could you possibly advance shipment further more? 

4. I hope that the goods can be shipped promptly after you get our L/C. 

5. Shipment should be made before October,otherwise we are not able to catch the season. 

6. The earliest shipment we can make is early March. 

7. I’m sorry,we can’t advance the time of shipment. 

8. The order is so urgently required that we must ask you to expedite shipment. 

9. We are confident of being able to ship the goods to you by the end of next month. 

10. The goods ordered are all in stock and we assure you that the first steamer will make the shipment available in November. 
贵公司订购的货物我方均有现货,可保证在十一月份将货物装上第 一条便船。

11. Please see to it that the goods are shipped per PEACE sailing on or about October 15th. 
请确保货物由十月十五日左右启航的 “和平轮”装运。

12. Shipment by the middle of October will be too late for us. 

13. We’ll try our best to advance shipment to September. 

14. When is the earliest possible date you can ship the goods? 

15. I wonder whether you can make shipment in September. 

16. How long will the delivery take from here to Canada by sea freight? 

17. I don’t think I can promise you any January shipments. 

18. Please be informed that the shipment of the cargo (your purchase order No. 123) was sent yesterday, airway bill No.123. 
特此通知这批货物(你方订单号码是No.123)昨天已装运,航 空货物的领取号码是No.123。

19. In case you do not receive the goods on or before December 12, please let us know. 

20. We will do all we can to fill your order so that the goods will be shipped before October 15. 


Dialogue 1

A: Now we have settled the terms of payment. Is it possible to effect shipment during September? 
B: I don’t think we can. 
A: Then when is the earliest we can expect shipment? 
B: By the middle of October, I think. 
A: That’s too late. You see, November is the season for this commodity in our market, and our Customs formalities are rather compli- cated. 
B: I understand. 
A: Besides, the flow through the marketing channels and the red tape involved take at least a couple of weeks. Thus, after ship- ment it will be four to five weeks altogether before the goods can reach our retailers. The goods must therefore be shippedbefore October;otherwise we won’t be in time for the selling season.

— 现在我们已经谈妥了付款条件,你方是否能够在九月份装船? 
— 我看不行。 
— 那么最早什么时候可以装船呢? 
— 恐怕要在十月中旬。 
— 那太迟了。你知道,在我方市场上,十一月份是这种商品的上 市季节,而我们的海关手续又相当复杂。 
— 我明白。 
— 另外,通过销售渠道以及繁琐的公文程序,起码要花上几个星 期。这样从装船后到我们的零售商收到货物,总共要用四、五 个星期。因此,十月份前货物必须装船,否则我们就赶不上销 售季节了。 
B: But our factories are fully committed for the third quarter. In fact, many of our clients are placing orders for delivery in the fourth quarter. 
A: Mr. Brown, you certainly realize that the time of delivery is a mat- ter of great importance to us. If we place our goods on the market at a time when all other importers have already sold their goods at profitable prices, we shall lose out. 
B: I see your point. However, we have done more business this year than any of the previous years. I am very sorry to say that we cannot advance the time of delivery. 
A: That’s too bad, but I sincerely hope you will give our request your special consideration. 
B: You may take it from me that the last thing we want to do is to disappoint an old customer like you. But the fact remains that our manufacturers have a heavy backlog on their hands. 
A: But can’t you find some way to get round your producers for an earlier delivery? Make a special effort, please. A timely delivery means a lot to us. 
B: All right. We’ll get in touch with our producers and see what they have to say.

— 但是我们工厂第三季度的生产任务已全部排满了。事实上,我们很 多客户在订第四季度交的货呢。 
— 布朗先生,你知道的,交货时间对我们来说很重要。如果在我 们把商品投放到市场上去的时候,别的进口商已经把商品脱手 赚钱了,那我们就亏了。 
— 这点我明白。但是今年我们做的贸易比以往哪一年都要大。很 遗憾不能提前交货。 
— 那糟了,但我真心希望你们对我们的要求给予特殊的考虑。 
— 我可以向你保证,我们最不愿做那些让像你们这样的老客户失 望的事,但是我们的厂家眼前的交货压得很重,这是事实。 
— 你不能想些办法说服厂家提前一些时间交货吗? 请你特别加把 劲。及时交货对我们关系可大啦! 
— 好吧。我们和厂家联系一下,听听他们的意见。

Dialogue 2

A: It has just occurred to me that there is still another possibil- ity to ensure a prompt delivery of the goods. 
B: And that is? 
A: How about making Hong Kong the port of shipment instead of New York? 
B: I’m afraid we can’t agree to that. We concluded the business with you here in Houston, and the goods you ordered are manufactured in New York. We wish to point out that all orders accepted by us are shipped from New York or Seattle. Hong Kong is out of the question. 
A: It’s like this. There are only one or two ships sailing a month from New York to Osaka, while sailings from Hong Kong are quite frequent. If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the goods much earlier.

— 我刚想起来了,还有一种可能性确保即期交货。 
— 什么可能性? 
— 把交货港从纽约改为香港怎么样? 
— 那个我们恐怕不能同意。我们是在休斯顿达成交易的,而你所 订货物在纽约生产。我们要指出的是,我们接受的所有订货是 从纽约或西雅图发货的。香港不行。 
— 原因是这样的:从纽约到大阪每个月只有一二个航班,而从香 港到大阪的船却相当频繁。如果在香港交货,我们收到货物的 时间就会早很多。

B: I see. You want to have your goods shipped from New York to Osaka via Hong Kong, where they can be transshipped. Is that the idea? 
A: Yes, exactly, because I want these goods on our market at the earliest possible date. 
B: Your idea may be a good one, but the trouble is that there are risks of pilferage or damage to the goods during transshipment at Hong Kong. How about shipping them from Seattle instead of NewYork? You may choose either one as port of shipment. It makes no difference to us. There are more sailings from Seattle than from New York. 
A: It sounds all right to me, but I will have to think about it. I’ll give you a definite answer tomorrow. If I choose Seattle, will it be possible for you to ship the goods by the end of March? 
B: We’ll try our best. Anyway, we assure you that shipment will be made not later than the first half of April.

— 原来是这样。你想经由香港中转把货从纽约运到大阪,是不是? 
— 对,就是这样,因为我们想把商品尽可能早地投放市场。 
— 这个想法倒不错。不过问题是,在香港转船期间,货物有被偷窃和 损坏的风险。交货港由纽约改为西雅图怎么样?你可以随便选择一 个装运港。对我们来说都一样。从西雅图启航的船只比纽约多。 
— 我是觉得不错,但我得想一想,明天给你答复。如果我选择西雅 图,你们能在三月底前交货吗? 
— 我们尽力而为吧!不管怎样,请你放心,交货不会迟于四月上旬。

Dialogue 3

A: Could you do something to advance your time of shipment? 
B: Well, our manufacturers are fully committed at the moment. I’m afraid it’s very difficult to improve any further on the time. 
A: I hope you’ll try to convince them to step up production. 
B: We check their production schedule against our orders almost every day. As new orders keep coming in, they are working three shifts to step up production. I’m sorry, but we simply canBUSINESS ENGLISH 300not commit ourselves beyond what the production schedule can fulfill. 
A: Well, in that case, there is nothing more to be said. What’s your last word as to the date then? 
B: I said by the middle of October. This is the best we can promise. 
A: All right. I’ll take you at your word. May I suggest that you put down in the contract shipment on October 15th or earlier? Our letter of credit will be opened early September. 
B: Good. Let’s call it a deal. We’ll do our best to advance the ship- ment to September. The chances are that some of the other orders may be cancelled. But of course you cannot count on that. In any case, we’ll let you know by email.

— 你们能否想些办法提前交货? 
— 但我们的厂家眼前都很忙,要再提前恐怕很难。 
— 希望你们能设法说服他们加速生产。 
— 我们几乎每天核对他们的生产进度以跟进订单。由于接连不断地 收到新订单,他们现在一天三班工作来加快生产。很抱歉,我们 承担的任务实在不能超出生产计划所能完成的限额。 
— 如果是这样,多说也无益。那么你能不能最后确定一下什么时候 能交货呢? 
— 要到十月中旬,这是我们能够答应的最缛掌凇? 
— 好吧,那就以你的话为准了。我建议你在合同里写上 “十月十五 日或之前交货”行吗?我们在九月初开立信用证。
— 好!就这样决定吧!我们尽力把交货期提前到九月份。有可能取 消其他一些订单,不过当然还不确定。不管怎样,我们会发电子 邮件告知你的。

A: That’s very considerate of you. And now, shall we discuss the insurance terms? 
B: We generally insure W.P. (W.P.A) on a C.I.F. offer. Special risks, such as TPND (Theft, Pilferage and Non-delivery), leakage, breakage, oil, freshwater, etc. can also be covered upon request. 
A: I suppose the additional premium for the special coverage is for the buyer’s account. 
B: Quite right. According to the usual practice in international trade, special risks are not covered unless the buyer asks for them. 
A: Then what about SRCC (Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions)? Can we request you to cover this for our imports? 
B: Yes, we accept it now, after it has been suspended for many years. However, if you want to have it covered for your imports at your end, you may arrange the insurance as you like. 
A: Then please cover W.P.A. and TPND for this transaction. 
B: All right, I’ll adjust the price accordingly.

— 你想得真周到。现在我们谈谈保险条款好吗? 
— 一般来讲,我们在到岸价里投保了水渍险。特殊险如偷窃险、提货 不着险、漏损险、破损险、油污险、淡水险等等也可以根据客户要 求投保。 
— 我想投保特殊险别所需附加的保险费由买方负担吧。 
— 正是,根据国际贸易中的惯例,只有买方要求时才保特殊险。 
— 那么关于罢工、暴动、平民动乱险呢?能不能请你方为我们的进口 货保这种险呢? 
— 我们现在可以受理了,很多年来我们停办了这项业务。但是如果你 方想要为你们的进口货物投保这种险的话,你们可以自行安排。 
— 那么,请为这批货物保水渍险和偷窃、提货不着险。 
— 好,我会相应地把价格调整一下。

Words and Expressions 





production schedule 


special risk









1. to effect shipment = to make shipment 装运 
effect 实现 e.g. to effect payment 支付

2. the season for this commodity 

3. red tape

4. place our goods on the market
销售商品 ( push the sale of our goods)

5. lose out

6. You may take it from me.

7. the last thing we want to do 

8. convince your producers for an earlier delivery 

9. to step up production 

10. cannot commit ourselves to..
. 我们不能保证

11. Let’s call it a deal. 

12. the chances are…… 

13. You cannot count on that.

14. TPND( Theft, Pilferage and Non-delivery)

15. for the buyer’s account 

16. at your end/on your side

17. Via Hong Kong

A Specimen Letter

Dear sir:
Your letter of the 5th March came to hand yesterday.
Accordingly, we have lost no time in getting in touch with our factories and urged them to hasten their delivery. Owing to heavy commitments, they cannot advance delivery from June to April but they understand perfectly that July is the selling season for shirts in your market. They eventually agree to make delivery in mid-May. 
We have booked the shipping space on S.S.. Peace, which is scheduled to sail on or about the 20th of May. We shall send you an email as soon as the loading is completed. 
Yours faithfullyNational Textiles I/E Corp.

我们已订妥 “和平轮”的舱位,预计五月二十日左右开航。一旦装货完毕,我们即发电子邮件告知贵方。

国家纺织品进出口公司Substitution Drills1 A: May I know when we could expect delivery? 
B: We can deliver 50% promptly, that is, in August. And the balance in October. 
We can deliver 50% right away. The remaining half in the next two months. 
Our earliest time of delivery is October.


2 A: I’m afraid October is the best we can do. October is the earliest possible date of delivery. we can’t promise delivery earlier than October. B: October then. 
恐怕 十月是我们能够做到的最早的了。十月是最早的交货日期了。我们不能承诺早于十月交货。那就十月吧。

3 A: Could you deliver 100 tons immediately? 
Is it possible to effect shipment immediately? 
Do you think you can ship the goods soon? 
B: No problem. We can deliver that from stock to meet your requirement. 
I’m afraid prompt shipment is impossible. 
I’ll have to look into the stock position.


4 A: Please ship the goods in one lot in May. 
B: I’m sorry that’s impossible. It would be very difficult for us to get the goods ready within such a short time. 
I’m not sure if we are able to get the necessary shipping space. 
We’ll have to contact the manufacturers. Maybe it’s possible. 请在五月份将货物分一批运过来。 

5 A: Could you find a way to advance the shipment somehow? 
do something to advance the time of delivery? 
make the delivery a little earlier? 
B: May I suggestwe effect shipment in three equal lots, starting from May? 
we spread the goods over three months – May, June and July? partial shipment be allowed? 
我可否建议 我们从五月份开始分相等的三批办理装运? 

6 A: Our people are most anxious about the October shipment; so far they’ve heard nothing from you. 
B: We’re sorry for the delay. The trouble is thatdirect sailings to your port are very few. 
there is great demand on shipping latelyyou changed the port of destination我方很想知道十月装船一事,但到现在还没有听到你们的任何消 息。 
此次拖延我们很抱歉。问题是 直达你们港口的船只太少了。 

7 A:You knowwe must have the goods in time for the Christmas rush. 
we must have the goods ready for the shopping season. 
the goods have to be here in March. Otherwise we’d be behind the season. 
B: I understand. I’ll try my best. 
你知道 我们必须在圣诞节采购前及时供货。 

8 I don’t think I can promise you any September shipments. 
OctoberJune我想我不能答应你 九月 装运。 
十月六月9 Would you like to have your refrigerator delivered? 
furniturewashing machine你的 电冰箱 要送货上门吗? 
家具洗衣机10 You will probably get it within 10 days. 
in a weekby the end of this monthno later than tomorrow afternoon 也许 十天内 你就可以收到。 

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